Agami Prize


About the Agami Series

The Agami Prize and related series of events - the Summit, Challenges and Network - are a collaborative effort driven by HumLab and Vayam.



The rise of technology, the growth of social and business innovation, and the breaking of walls between society, business, and government present a massive opportunity to create new, effective and equitable systems in the legal industry and justice delivery systems in India. We are on the cusp of a massive change and HumLab is an effort to build an ecosystem that can catalyse that change, hold it accountable to the good of all, and create massive social and market value.

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Complex systems, like the judiciary, do not have obvious one-dimensional cause-and-effect solutions. A top-down, expert driven, centralised and siloed, approach to improving the justice delivery system will not serve us. We need to enable decentralised and collaborative solutions at multiple levels and trigger both a supply and demand for a more accessible, user-centric and efficient judicial system. Vayam is committed to building a future in which there are more innovators and entrepreneurs building solutions, more citizens demanding change and a judiciary that is more open to engagement with citizens, youth and civil society.