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Lawrato is bringing legal advice, tools & services to anyone anywhere

Lawrato is building a legal advice and services marketplace where citizens can seek legal advice from a community of lawyers, access thousands of pieces of legal advice already sought and provided, and discover and connect with lawyers who can provide them legal services.

It is widely understood that the most effective way to provide widespread access to essential information in most specialist areas, such as health, is via a user-friendly issue-based database (e.g. WebMD) or a question-and-answer database (e.g. Babycentre). This applies to legal information as well. Access to laws or cases themselves is not that effective from an ordinary citizen’s point of view. The status quo is that issue-based explanations and questions-and-answers for legal information do exist but in a highly fragmented and piecemeal manner. There is a need for easily available legal advice, either in ready form or with a quick turnaround.

On Lawrato citizens can seek legal advice from a community of lawyers and connect with lawyers who can provide them legal services. The legal advice provided is free and the question of payment arises only when advanced legal services (development of a document or management of a case) are availed. Users can also rate lawyers whose advice and services they availed, creating a quality-control mechanism that helps people make better choices.

By maximising the impact of its free advice and first connect model, Lawrato could reach a tipping point where all other customer services (documents, registrations, wills, etc.) start to make sense from a sustainability perspective because there are enough conversations flowing around them. In less than a decade Lawrato seeks to be the starting point for any Indian wishing to inform themselves or seek out legal support.

Rohan Mahajan, the founder, is a lawyer who graduated from Campus Law Centre, Delhi, and chose to pursue marketing. He has over 14 years’ experience in operations management, and lead-generation programs across South-East Asia. Rohan comes from a family of lawyers and is deeply connected in the legal networks in Delhi. This helped in getting started because they were easily able to onboard lawyers early on. Nikhil Sarup, the co-founder, is a software engineer, with 16 years’ experience in the digital marketing space, and has built and implemented enterprise I.T. solutions. Previously he was the chief strategy officer of Razorfish India.