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E-Alternate Dispute Resolution Challenge 2019


E - ADR Challenge 2019

To develop a technology-driven institution that will enable large volumes of disputes to be resolved online through arbitration and other mechanisms of alternate dispute resolution, including mediation and conciliation. #eadrchallenge

Disputes are a healthy and essential aspect of a functioning democracy and market, but our current platforms of dispute resolution, most notably the courts, are not able to serve our needs due to huge pendency of cases.

Issues of pendency, the cost of arbitration, and misconceptions around mediation are derailing both business and society. Even as we work to unclog the courts, we need large-scale, expedient, cost-effective, and trusted mechanisms of alternate dispute resolution.

We need expedient, cost-effective, and trusted mechanisms of alternate dispute resolution that can work at a very large scale.

The Challenge Invitation

The E-Alternate Dispute Resolution Challenge 2019 invites innovators, practitioners, and social and business leaders to constitute teams and propose comprehensive solutions for the creation of such an E-ADR Institution. Applicants must respond to the below-linked set of Specifications in their submissions. We strongly recommend that Applicants apply as part of consortia (a team comprised of multiple organizations) that can address the different needs of the Specification. The winning team - selected via jury at the end of March - will be invited to develop, and eventually operate, the E-ADR Institution in collaboration with the other partners to the Challenge. The format of the submission Applicants must make, and the information sought, will be specified on February 15. Meanwhile, if you are interested in the Challenge either as a potential applicant, or one of the users of the E-ADR Institution (the ‘Coalition’), or a player in the legal and justice ecosystem please indicate your interest by completing the brief 'Keep Me Informed’ form.

Proposed Structure


ICICI Bank as one of the first Pre-Paying Users

ICICI Bank as the Conceptualist and Challenge Partner will be one of the first users of this institution and intends to utilize the E-ADR Institution for dealing with disputes arising in its products and services that are offered online and will consider extending the platform to its retail liabilities and retail assets businesses, which would supplement the other dispute resolution mechanisms available to the customers of ICICI Bank. Further, ICICI Bank has also agreed to provide suitable incentive at the inception stage of the E-ADR Institution established by the successful Challenge Participant, by prepaying the institutional fee (adjustable in future) for a given number of matters that it would refer to the E-ADR Institution over a period of time, thereby making available to the E-ADR Institution, suitable sums of money in advance for utilisation towards the E-ADR Institution realising its objectives.

Please do note that the financial incentives do not take the nature of prize money or any equity stake in the E-ADR Institution, as ICICI Bank intends to be a user of the E-ADR Institution that meets the specifications of the challenge.

Participation Guidelines

A complete application to the Challenge must address several different needs outlined in the Specification - Technical, Training and Creation of Standards, Outreach and Onboarding, Governance and Leadership and the Business Model itself. Since it is unlikely that any one organization would possess all these abilities, we strongly encourage applicants to come together with others and apply as consortium teams. We’ve prepared a Guide to Building and Participating in a Consortium which should help applicants in this process.

You can, of course, apply as an individual organization, with the option to indicate that you are open to being included in another consortium, but that carries a risk - that no shortlisted consortia will wish to include you. Even so, applying is better than not applying at all.

While the Agami Challenge is a competitive process, in that only one applicant team will be selected by a jury panel to develop and run the E-ADR Institution based on the strength of their proposal, it is also intended to be a collaborative process in which as many people as possible can be involved in developing an institution that can resolve millions of disputes without the need to go to court.

If you’re wondering how you could be a part of this, here’s a guide that may help:

  • If you are an individual or organization who would like to be a part of an applicant consortium then you should start learning about and connecting with others who are interested in applying to the Challenge or may be interested if they knew about it. You will have to do this on your own but to help you we are organising Participant Webinars and Agami Meetups. Follow our LinkedIn page or this page for updates. Then, once you have your team ready, you need to prepare your application and submit it on or before March 11. More details on how to submit applications will be released early next week.

  • If you’re an individual or organisation who may or may not apply to compete in the Challenge but are deeply interested in the concept then the Participant Webinars, the Agami Meetups and specific requests for feedback we will put out will be good opportunities for you to stay engaged. Your help in finding potential participants in the Challenge will go a long way in achieving the eventual objective of building the E-ADR Institution. This applies in particular to those who may not be able to apply to the Challenge, but can contribute nonetheless – such as students, or those in academia.

  • If you’re an individual or organization who may or may not apply to compete in the Challenge but is interested in being a user of the E-ADR Institution, in the way that ICICI Bank has committed to using, please write to us at so we can plug you into our ‘Potential Users Learning Circle’, which is a group of organisations following the development of the Challenge and Institution with the precise intention of exploring how to use it.

  • If you’re someone with experience or demonstrated passion for ADR who’d like to intern with this initiative or volunteer their time on this then please get in touch with us directly. We are confident that you’ll learn a ton and meet remarkable people.

Regardless of how you wish to participate please read the Specifications in detail. That is the central information document of this initiative. Please also complete the Keep Me Informed form so we can keep you informed about the progress of the Challenge. And of course, if there’s something or someone we’ve missed out, please do feel free to write to us at, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!



Upcoming Events

  • Participant Webinar - I, February 20, 2pm, Agenda, Signup & Link

  • Agami Meetup - Bangalore, February 25, Location - Omidyar Network Office, Invite only

  • Agami Meetup - Mumbai, February 26, Location - Signup Form - Invite only

  • Participant Webinar - II, February 27, Time - TBD, Signup Form - TBD

  • Agami Meetup - New Delhi, March 6, Signup Form - Invite only

Our gratitude to 25 leading practitioners in ADR, business, and law, who gave their inputs on the design of this initiative, in particular the legal framework that serves as the basis for it.

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